Best Selling Author?

So recently I’ve been seeing a whole lot of books by indie authors that say: By Best Selling Author on their books and it made me think. What exactly does that even mean? It made me wonder what list they were referring to and if it really meant anything at all or if it was just to lure readers to their books?

But then I found an article about just that with an author that was at the top of Amazon for her book just a little while and it made me change my mind about being too critical about the title. The article is by Kailin Gow and it can be found here. Interesting read and gave me many things to think about. Check it out it’s a good read.

Random Ramblings- Writing

I am currently taking a small break from reading and finishing writing my current story. I was kind of dragging along at first because the part I’m currently at takes some research. Research can be so tedious and at times boring, but necessary. 


I feel like the worst compliment I can get on a book is, “This wasn’t well researched.” Because unless you have written a full-length novel and have done your research, it is the most irksome thing I can think of. Sometimes people ding me on something I did a ton of research on and they clearly don’t know what they are talking about, although they speak as if they do. Other times it was the one thing I didn’t bother to look up as opposed to the 100 other things I did look up. 

I guess that’s what I get for writing historical fiction, but I also think it’s weird that some people go into reading hisfic looking for inconsistencies. I mean I get glaring mistakes, but do they even enjoy reading? Sometimes I really wonder.

Anyhow, I’m researching now, and you know what, it’s really interesting! I’m glad I quit putting it off. I was about to ask a FB group and be lazy about it, but I always hate when people don’t do their own research and now I remember why. 

In case your interested in what I’m researching it is weapons, the big kind. 😉 

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