I Cheated

And I feel so guilty too. I told myself not to, but I did it anyway and my husband is partly to blame. He said it would be no big deal to see the movie before reading the book so I already know the killer in Murder on the Orient Express. 


Although the movie did make me want to read the book even more so maybe it is actually a good thing? 

The movie seemed a little too simple while being complicated at the same time. I felt like the main character detective Hercule did a lot of telling in the movie, but I was often confused as to how he came to his conclusions. Seemed like he was almost some divine being telling us how a murder unfolded. Maybe I watch too much Sherlock and they give us a glimpse into how his mind works so I was expecting the same. 

Anyway on that note not only I’m I reading Murder on the Orient soon (I bought the book) it inspired me to read Sherlock Holmes as well because my husband and I figured that’s where Christie’s inspiration for Hercules came from.  


The movie wasn’t bad (I think) but I’ll be able to tell after I read the book. One last thing that bothered me was how the detective gathered all the suspects at the end and (out of nowhere) had a long table for all of them to sit at. 


Overall I think the message was good, but you have to read the book or watch the movie for that.