Random Ramblings

Sigh, the part of writing a book to me that is most nerve-racking is waiting…Waiting for a response from an agent, waiting for reviews or edits to come back, waiting for enough reviews so I can properly market my book, wait wait wait. 

Currently, I’m waiting on a few things. First, I’m waiting to save up enough money for a developmental edit for my middle-grade book, sigh, that one might take a lot of waiting.

Second, I’m waiting to get enough reviews so I can really start marketing my book. I’m setting my goal to 50 reviews on goodreads and amazon. Currently, I sit at 17 and 9 respectively. I’m in a review circle right now and should have four more by the end of February, but guess what that means…more waiting. I know writing is not supposed to be fast paced, but oh how I wish it were….