Author Services

Hi, all you fellow authors! I offer proofreading and formatting services. 

Proofreading: $50 for books 80K and below

                                $100 for books over 80K

Formatting for ebooks and print: $30


For formatting you can click on any of the books on my main page found to the right to see how I format (I took special care on We’ll Find a Way). If you are interested in proofreading I can proofread the first chapter for you and you can decide if we are a good match. It is always best to have at least one extra set of eyes on your book before you hit publish. To contact me just go to my contact page and let me know what you are interested in.


***Just a note, I don’t edit my blog posts and cringe every time I see a typo. This is why I say an extra set of eyes is good to have on your work.