So, I tried another dystopian YA after Maze Runner and score! I think Divergent is my favorite read so far this year! It might be a first person present tense book (boooo!) but I really liked it.

The main reason I didn’t like The Hunger Games is I felt like I related to Katiness too much, which is weird you would think that would make me like it more, but it turns out I like characters better when they are not at all like me and make decisions I would never make, therefore surprising me. Tris is nothing like me, but I feel like we would be good friends in real life.

The way this world is set up into five fractions seems kind of stereotypical and puts all those people in box, but sometimes I can see where this is kinda realistic, although I (hope) people are a little more diverse than these “types” and how they are “expected” to act. Maybe that makes me divergent lol. That being said I totally relate to Amity the most even those Tris seems to like them the least of all sans the Erudite who have always been aviaries of her former faction which she leaves.

Spoiler alert (although this happens pretty early on in the book) she ends up choosing to go to the Dauntless faction and this faction makes no sense to me at all. They all seem like adrenaline junkies who egg each other on to do dangerous things. I believe Tris does mention it once in the book, that the factions must have started differently and them morphed into what it is now and I really hope that’s the case or the world building here isn’t very strong.

Ok it might seem like I didn’t like this book much, but I really did (or I just haven’t made good book choices this year IDK) and I really liked Tris and that she is willing to make friends and be loyal to them. I hate these books where the MC feels like she has to be a lone wolf and shuns anyone who tries to get close to her bleh. The teen romance was cliche, but I guess that’s expected in a YA.

I also liked the twists and turns in this book that had me wondering what was going on behind the scenes between the factions and how Tris was going to keep herself safe or those close to her.

I bought the next book in the series Insurgent and can’t wait to start it!


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