Maze Runner

Since dystopian is my favorite genre I bought a few from half priced books. Typically, I’ve found that when it comes to dystopian I actually prefer adult over YA, but some times YA surprises me.

Unfortunately, I feel that Maze Runner fell a little short for me. I liked the feeling it gave where we are with Thomas and wondering whats going on. That was the intriguing part…until it wasn’t any more. It turns out each boy’s memory has been wiped. We are trying to figure out what is happening along with Thomas. Why is he here with a group of boys in the “Glades” surrounded by a large maze that opens up during the day and closes at night with weird deadly monsters within?

He keeps wondering if this is some type of punishment? The very few boys who have snippets of their memories come back keep saying terrible things have happened. I kept wondering too if these boy were being punished for some reason.

The most annoying part of this books is that no one is willing to tell Thomas jack squat! He is in the mist of a Lord of the Flies scenario, except this society of boys is much more functional and each one has a specific job and some sense of respect for each other. So you would think to keep up this strong group mentality that the boys would be more than willing to catch him up to speed so he can merge into their culture and become a viable contributing member, but no. They keep him in the dark for as long as they possibly can, which became frustrating quickly. Once in a blue moon there would be a handy tidbit of information, but there was never enough. I understand the boys were all confused as to why they were there and for the most part couldn’t remember their pasts, but not explaining what they did know, just made no sense at all.

I did like Thomas’ character and could relate to him. I thought there were several great characters. He was stubborn, but a good leader.

This book did have enough twists it kept me going until the end.

I watched the movie after I finished the book and I have to say, for once I liked the movie much better. I think I’ll stick to the movies instead of reading the rest of the series. The movies did what the books didn’t and therefore were more enjoyable.


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  1. This is one of those books I got from the library and couldn’t get out of the 2nd or so chapter so sent it back and never put it on my goodreads. I ended up watching the movie and I totally see why younger kids enjoyed it and why it was adapted but it felt shallow. 😦 Glad you got more out of it!! ❤️

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