One Star Classics that Everyone Else Loves

I decided to put them all together since most people have probably read all of them. I hate to hate classics and I don’t hate them all, but I do hate quite a bit of them… 😦 sorry if your favorites are on my list, maybe I just have bad taste.

These are in no particular order


My husband LOVES this book. He can’t wait to read it again. It makes him feel the childhood excitement of adventure and innocence. And he loves nothing more than floating on a river, although not usually in a self-made raft.

Me though….nope. This was a sloggish read from me. I didn’t really care what Huck was doing or why. He had a rough childhood with an alcoholic dad, but I still didn’t really feel that bad for him. Not sure why though? I should have. I was bored to tears most of the time (Ok that was an exaggeration), but I was just really bored. The language made me realize that when I write my own stories not to write dialect by how people talk because it’s extremely hard to read and pulls you out of a story. The most interesting plot of the book was the Jim the run away slave part. I did feel pretty sorry for him. But overall I kinda wished I skipped this book altogether.


Actually, I don’t know many people who like this book so I feel slightly better about not liking it. Although, it was easier to read than Twain’s book.

The reason I hated this book so much were the characters. Pip, the main character, probably annoyed me the most! Which was a huge reason I didn’t like this novel. But all the characters seemed equally ridiculous. The entire plot revolves around a huge misunderstanding and an old lady who wants revenge for being stood up at her wedding. Talk about holding a grudge!!! Raising a vixen to torment all men. Does that not seem crazy and far fetched?

If this book was written as a comedy I think I would have liked it a whole lot more. I think it could have been a pretty funny satire, maybe I should have read it as such, I might have enjoyed it more.


Ok, this book is sending a message, but I still didn’t care for it. I think what I didn’t like was that it used the innocence of children as a plot device. Maybe be it was because my childhood was already crummy enough I didn’t want to read a book where normal kids become monsters because their circumstances were so bad.

I really hated the fact that the kids killed one of the characters. I just couldn’t get over that. So I guess I didn’t like this book because it was too dark for me.


I think this book probably tops my most hated classic. It was ridiculously hard to read through the prose and he had to give very detail. EVERY DETAIL!!!!! Of plants and the bugs that landed on them. I was so caught up in the scenery at some places I had no clue what the plot was anymore!

In fact this book was so bad ( I had to read it for a college course) that I complained to my husband (then we were just friends) and he suggested to me. I’d never heard of it before, but it saved my life because halfway through the book I was wondering if I just got a lower grade for missing this book assignment just how low my grade would be.

My husband loves the movie Apocalypse Now, he told me it was supposed to be Heart of Darkness. He never read the book btw. I hated that movie too. So it doesn’t matter which medium I see it on or through I just didn’t care for the plot or characters.

2 Replies to “One Star Classics that Everyone Else Loves”

  1. Ha ha!! I agree with you on all points!! The only one out of these books that I actually (kind of) enjoyed was “Lord of the Flies” and that’d ONLY because I read it really young when it was banned from my school and I felt so rebellious reading it. Lol! So, it’s more of a nostalgia thing than anything.
    I’ll try not to go on my Dickens rant…. But, I can’t stand his writing. He and Stephen King are my mortal enemies. Lol!

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