Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian is the second book in the Narnia series. In middle school I devoured the whole series one after the other as fast as I could. Middle school is where I really began to love books outside of the Babysitter’s Club.

Prince Caspian starts off a year after the Fearsome Four had returned from Narnia. They all remember it fondly and wish to go back. Lucky for them they get their second chance.

When they return though everything has changed. The scenery the creatures act differently. And finally we find out that time is so different in Narnia v our world that a thousand years have past since they were there last. This kind of made me sad. All the wonderful creatures and friends they had made had all passed away a long time ago and new friends had to be made. Asland though was still alive and strong as ever. I did like the mouse in the story Reepicheep he is a fun new character.

Prince Caspian has be usurped and is trying to regain this throne from his uncle Miraz who killed his father to have the throne to himself. The four children find him and learn from the forest creatures and Caspian how horrible the rule has been under Miraz. With Miraz trying to kill prince Caspian a battle ensues.

I liked this book, but it was lacking the same awe and wonder the first book had with the children discovering everything for the first time. There is still the good v evil going on, but in a more traditional battle this time. Even thought it wasn’t as great as the first I still really enjoyed this book.


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