Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a book that I hesitated to read. The premise sounded totally dumb to me. Mostly I asked other people what the story was about and they were all, “Talking Farm Animals. It’s and allegory.” And I was always like nah, I’m good I’ll skip that one.

Then when I was a tutor for high school students they were reading the book and I thought, “I better read that book to make sure I can help them out with any tricky questions.”

To my pleasant surprise, I really enjoyed it! Orwell in my opinion is good at prose and a good storyteller. Right off the bat I was sucked into this crazy world were the animals become self-aware and start thinking of their circumstances and situations they have been put into.

Like Lord of the Flies (which I really didn’t care for) it starts off innocent and then takes a gradual dark turn. I really do think that Animal Farm is a great allegory for politics and even thought I know it was a commentary at the time specifically about Russia, I feel like it is still relevant today with most political systems.

The ending….wow! Totally realistic, even for talking animals.


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