Gathering Blue

Gathering Blue is the sequel to The Giver. If you have read my review of The Giver or many of my book tags you will know up until I read Eleanor and Park this year The Giver had been my favorite book since sixth grade. So, my husband bought me the sequel when he found out there was one.

Unfortunately, this book was really absolutely nothing like The Giver. In fact after reading it it seems like these two books aren’t even in the same universe.

This book is about a remote village in a forest and the way the elders make the rules. It felt more like The Village by M. Night Shyamalan than The Giver.

The main character is Kira, who is physically disabled and usually the disabled in this village are shunned, but because of who her mother was (who died) she isn’t abandoned by the village. She also has a talent in weaving and the book focuses a lot on her weaving, which I found very boring.

The title of this book is about Kira gathering a blue color she uses in her weaving. Her friend Matty is a messenger and one of the only people who will talk to her with her disability. He was way more interesting than Kira and the sequel is about him, which is a good idea because there is really not any interesting thing going on with Kira. This book was sadly very boring to me.


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