The Little Prince

The little Prince or Le Petite Prince since I got to read it in French class when I was in French four in high school. I’m really glad I got to read it in it’s original language, although I’m not so sure now I could still read it in it’s original language. 

I absolutely love this children’s chapter book. And although it’s a children’s chapter book, there is so much simile and metaphor there I wonder if the children reading it would understand what is going on? Of course, that’s when good parenting comes in and you have discussions with your children about what they read. 

The first time I read this book I thought, “Just a kids book to help us learn French,” but the class discussions were great. 

The Little Prince is about a young boy traveling to several planets by birds and opens with a crashed pilot in the the desert who discovers him. Each in counter the young boy makes teaches him something about adults and sets him apart from them in their thinking. 

The relationship that sticks out the most of all his ‘adult’ encounters though is that of the rose on his own asteroid. The rose is self-centered, rude, and very hard to get a long with. Even so, the Little Prince shows her love and kindness, eventually getting her a glass globe to live in so she can stay safe. She often times feigns illness or other lesser problems to get his attention. Like any relationship such as this, the Prince learns he is being taken advantage of and finally decideds to travel to other planets. 

There is so much packed into this short novella and will be one I read over and over again. 

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