I was just so excited when I ordered Illuminae and it finally arrived in my mailbox three days later! I have had this book on my TBR for like a year now. I was so excited because it was so hyped up and I hyped up too.

This book is so beautiful and I skimmed through the pages several times before reading it because it was just so darned pretty.

BUT….now after reading it..I’m afraid I have a very unpopular opinion of the book 😦 I didn’t want to, I really didn’t, but I do. Sometimes, I just feel like I’m really hard to please.

This book ended up being just okay for me. I only really felt a connection to surprisingly the AI and Ezra. Other than those two characters everyone else was kind of blah. Kady was okay, but it felt like she was trying to hard to be badass and man can that girl hold a grudge! I thought I was bad at holding grudges, that girl takes the cake! Cool down little grasshopper!

I think because I had a hard time relating with the characters it kept me from really getting into this story. Not to mention the format, although brilliant and beautiful, really just ended up getting in the way of the story for me and that’s the real let down and I’m still kind of sad about it.

It was sometimes very hard for me to actually get into the action of things when real action was happening because I had just read page after page of instant messages between two people and my brain got lazy and didn’t want to read the third person perspective of what was happening through a severance camera.

Even though I was disappointed by this book, it was still an interesting read and overall a fun and different. I hope they make this book into a movie in the future because I might like it a little better.



2 Replies to “Illuminae”

  1. Ha ha! It’s nice to hear a different opinion of this book!! I liked the book, but I’ll agree with you that the characters were a little.. Eh. Weirdly enough, I agree that the AI was probably one of the best characters… Which is really saying something! 😂😂

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