Ender’s Game

I don’t usually like sci-fi or military style books, but I loved this one! This was so well written and I think the main thing that really dragged me in were the characters.

Ender’s Game is about a young boy named Ender. Ender is the youngest in his family and all the children in his family happened to be ultra geniuses. Ender being the smartest of the three. His brother is a bit of a psycho and his sister, Valentine, is his best friend.

There is an impending attack on earth by an insect-like alien force and authorities are going to use Ender as a secret military weapon with his military tactics. But before he can command a fleet he will have to go through training with other children just as smart, but not quite smarter than him.

The ending of this book was awesome and a bit unexpected, but I thought it was perfect and really left an important message about the human heart and misunderstandings.

Like I said, the best part of this book was the way Card built up his characters. I was really invested in all of them and it brought me closer to the story. He is also great at world building and I really enjoyed the different trial battlefields they put Ender through and the way Ender navigated them was truly smart.

I will read this book again in the future…whenever I have the time lol my TBR is pretty long right now. 😉



2 Replies to “Ender’s Game”

  1. This book has been in my TBR for years 😬. I happened to catch a few things while my husband watched the movie, including the ending 😬, but I still remain interested in reading it. Your five-star rating only piques my interest further 👍🏻

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