I Messed Up Book Tag

The “I Messed Up Book Tag” was originally created by IsthatChami on Youtube. I saw it over at Perfectly Tolerable

A character appearance you imagined differently?

I read a book over on wattpad and for some reason I imagined one of the guys as a tall fat guy and then later on in the story it said he was thin and I was like whaaa? And the author was like yeah dude he’s skinny. I continued to imagine him as I had the whole time. Anyway, her book won a Wattpad award and she is publishing it! I can wait until it comes out. Kerios Time Machine, or something…lol it was a great time travel matchmaking book.

A name you pronounced wrong?

I always feel like I’m saying Hideo from Warcorss wrong. They finally put it in the book phonetically and I guess I was saying it correctly, but if just wrong for some reason lol.

Overused trope that’s a guilty pleasure?

I don’t know if cliffhangers can count in the category, but I love cliffhangers because it means there is a whole nother book to come!

A cliched character you like better on screen than in a book?

Some sci-fi I prefer on screen than in books, but I don’t know about a character type, I like paranormal in books and most other characters.

A word of phrase you learned because of a book?

I read Alonica Arises and it was the first time I read the word behemoth.  I was like a what? Had to ask the hubs if he knew the word (he reads a lot of fantasy) it means a large monster. Now I use it in my writing sometimes 😉

Have you ever not read or completed required school reading?

Oh my….lol yes! It started in college when I was assigned Heart of Darkness. I hated that book and still do. Thank God for Cliffnotes!!!

Have you ever skipped a POV chapter?

Yes! Gorge RR Martin just put entirely too many POV in Dances with Dragons. He just kept adding more and more and to be honest it was getting a bit ridiculous.


Cancelled social plans to read?

LOL I actually have not done this

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