American Gods

This is another book I put into a lot of book tags, but realized I hadn’t given a review yet. 

I really like Neil Gaiman’s writing. It is wonderful and his descriptions are great and I can see and understand all the things he describes. But that’s where I stopped liking this particular book of his. 

The concept of this book was really interesting to me any God you warship comes to live because of your belief in them. And in modern day. Very intriguing indeed. 

But these American Gods are actually very boring and don’t really have much of importance to do from day to day except stay relevant to stay alive or they will “die” so to speak. 

I was hoping someone like Odin would have more of a meaningful and exciting life, but he is more of some kind of mob boss, and not a very good and organized one at that. Most of his other friends are close to fading away and kind of live sad lives. 

Most of this story takes place through a character named Shadow’s eyes. He is a go with the flow kind of guy and basically does whatever Odin tells him to. I got to the 75% of this book and DNF’d. Shadow was running around a small town on some side mission and I guessed what was happening (my husband had read this book first and confirmed I was correct.) I was tired of this side story and was annoyed that Gaiman seemed to be going for some word count than giving me a well-rounded story that stayed on track. My husband filled me in on the rest of the story and I didn’t even feel compelled to read the rest.



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