The Time Traveler’s Wife

This is the first book I have ever read with time travel. I think it really takes a unique spin on time traveling especially since the main character has no control over when or where he travels to. 

I really didn’t know much about this book, a friend suggested it to me and I’m glad she did. I really enjoyed this read, mostly because the concept was so unique to me. 

The author really makes the story complex because, well, in unexpected time travel that tends to happen. The timeline is out of order for Henry. He could be traveling back in time, or forward in time. He may or may not know the people he runs into, it might even be himself! And apparently, time travel in this universe is in the buff!

Because of this Henry leads a life that is out of control most of the time. He isn’t an upstanding citizen and had a problem with drugs and women. 

Clare is the one person (besides himself) that seems to keep popping up in his time travels. Sometimes she knows him, sometimes not. Sometimes she is expecting his pop up visit when he didn’t know he would be there. 

Finally, they meet in real time, which is interesting. The love story between the two is cute and romantic, although Clare falls for him so fast and hard it’s a little scary (she is way younger when he starts dropping in on her.) 

So my thoughts: I really enjoyed this book, but there were some weird awkward parts throughout. *SPOILER* Like the time Henry tricks himself into a sexual act and doesn’t want to return the favor to himself…weird, awkward…strange. There are some very sad scenes in the book too after the couple is married, but it went with the story, although it lasted a long time.

Despite the bumps in this story I really enjoyed it and will probably read it again.


time travle

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