Book Signing


So, yesterday I went to my first book signing and had a great time, despite having a migraine. It was Book Fest in Brenham, TX (I only live  an hour and a half away.) It was the second year they were having the fest and the first year they opened it to more authors. In the past, they only had authors who contributed work to the local art gallery, but this year all authors were welcome. 

I had never been to Brenham before, despite the Blue Bell factory being there (it’s the towns local attraction.) If you don’t know what Blue Bell ice cream is you are missing out!  The town reminded me of the one I grew up in. It’s small with a lot of charm.



(My hair looks a little weird, but you can tell I’m excited)


I got to meet some pretty neat authors while there and sold 6 copies of my books (three of each in my two-part series.) I think besides selling books a great part of the experience was getting to know the other authors. 

So, of course, I had to buy a few books myself! I got Lotus by Shirley Nolan and Safe by Dawn Husted. I also got a surprise when my back was turned around. Scott Hill poped his book into my take home box when I wasn’t looking of his children’s book Lily Helps Her Dad. I had told him that my daughter’s name was Lily and she looked just like the girl in the pictures. 


Can’t wait for my next book signing in Oct!


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