Double Identity

This was a fun and thrilling middle-grade book to read. Double Identity has all the things I look for in a captivating book. Bethany is approaching her thirteenth birthday and her already strange life gets even stranger. 

Her mother cries all the time and her father is a helicopter parent, but they refuse to tell her why. When they drop her off with an Aunt she didn’t even know she had, things get even weirder. 

People of the town react to her strangely like they had seen her before as if she was some ghost. It is so offsetting to her she begins to wonder about her own identity. There was apparently a girl named Elizabeth who looked just like Bethany and Bethany begins to wonder how the two lives intersect and just what her own role is in all of this. 

I loved this book because it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next and just who Elizabeth and Bethany were to each other. My mind went down several rabbit holes until I discovered along with Bethany just what was going on. 

The mystery that unravels and the characters are well rounded. I would suggest this book to anyone who likes suspenseful mystery middle-grades, or books that make you question your identity. 



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