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Ok so I did a thing recently. I uploaded my manuscript to Swoon Reads. Thanks to Darque the Reader for posting about a book she found on the site and I learned about Swoon Reads from her. If you want to check out the book she suggested and I have been reading lately it’s a dystopian YA set underwater, Submerged, you can check it out here.

If you are wondering what Swoon Reads is it is a site for readers and writers. Readers have the opportunity to make a profile on the site and read new and coming books for free on the site. The readers are the ones who have the power. They can rate the books and leave comments for the writer to help them along with their stories. The readers chose which books Swoon Reads will publish that cycle. The publishing imprint is Macmillian. They have pumped out some popular YA and NA books here are a few:


The manuscript I uploaded is This Stormy Love. It is a New Adult romance suspenseful romance, although it starts off very light and fluffy. Here is the blurb:

Rachel is starting her sophomore year at Oklahoma State. She meets a friendly engineer student, Asher, but he his soon overshadowed by Liam. Liam is a man Rachel is sure stepped right out of her dreams. The more Rachel gets to know Liam the more she realizes she might be in over her head and she may need some help from Asher.

Check it out and if you get bored there are over 600 manuscripts up, there’s bound to be something you fall in love with.

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