A-Z Book Tag

The A-Z Book Tag from tea stains and book spines


  • Author You’ve Read the Most Books By

Well, there are actually three according to Goodreads. Those are JK Rowling, CS Lewis, and Anne Rice

  • Best Sequel Ever

I don’t know. Series are great, but just sequel that’s usually harder to find. I usually find just one sequel to a book is usually a bit disappointing, maybe I need to do more reading.

  • Currently Reading

Wonder. Admittedly I saw the movie first with my daughter, but I still wanted to read the book anyway 😉

  • Drink of Choice While Reading

I have three, coffee, hot chocolate, or wine

  • E-reader or Physical Book

I prefer a physical book, but I read on e-readers also. They are much easier to travel with and the pages can’t get stained.

  • Fictional Character You Would Date

IDK??? I’m not very good at the book boyfriend questions. I think that’s because I rather ship two characters together from the same world.

  • Glad You Gave this Book A Chance

Animal Farm. I read this at a job because it was on the bookshelf. I really enjoyed reading it and now it’s one of my favorites.

  • Hidden Gem

Probably a toss-up between Old Bones and Phoneyx in the Flames

  • Important Moment in Your Reading Life

I think reading The Giver. It just really changed my perspective on life, and I was reading something my friends weren’t, which was unusual for me.

  • Just Finished

Reign of Marionettes, great historical fiction

  • Kind of Books that You Won’t Read

Books like Lolita. I think pedophiles are creepy and don’t want to read anything about it.

  • Longest Book You’ve Read

Probably Anna Karenina, not going to lie, I started skipping every other chapter after I was ¾ of the way finished.

  • Major Book Hangover Because Of

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I don’t usually go for romance, but loved this book. Then I went out and bought two more by her.

  • Number of Bookcases Owned

Three. I only keep books I think I might read again and bring all the others to half-priced books to buy more books…in fact, I need to go soon, I have a stack going on now I need to replace.

  • One Book You’ve Read Multiple Times

ONE!! Okay, I have a few. Harry Potter is the one I’ve read the most, but also, The Giver, and The Great Gadsby

  • Preferred Place to Read

It’s a battle between my reading chair and my bed.

  • Quote that Inspires You

I am bad at remembering quotes… you’ll have to look at my Pinterest page under quotes and hopefully one is from a book???

  • Reading Regret

Probably Anna Karenina, lol too long and mostly about people having affairs and screwing their lives up.

  • Series You Need to Finish

I’m usually pretty good at finishing series because I go out and buy the next as soon as I finish the other, but I need to catch up in the Elemental Witch series.

  • Three All Time Favourite Books

The Giver, Interview with the Vampire, A Game of Thrones

  • Unapologetic Fangirl For

See three answers above

  • Very Excited For

Whenever George RR Martin finally gets off his hinney and writes Winds of Winter

  • Worst Book Habit

Teeheehee, I dog ear books when there is no book mark around. I have to know where I left off.

  • X Marks the Spot, Start at Top Left of Shelf, 27th Book

Statistics this is literally a book on statistics (a text book) that my husband owns.

  • Your Latest Book Purchase


  • Zzz-Snatcher, What Book Kept You Up Late

Most recently was Mrs. Peregrine’s series

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