Reign of Marionettes

Reign of Marionettes is a historical fiction book. This book reminds me of House of Cards but in the time of King Charles II of England’s reign. There are many political adversaries disguised as pious religious men, but they are really all vying for political power. 
It is clear the author did her research while compiling this intricate story of a failed uprising which occurred. After I finished reading it I headed over to the internet to look up more about this time period and Macleod stayed true to the facts. 
Macleod also did a great job at bringing the scenery to life and making the 1600s feel real and come alive through her prose and descriptive world building. This book reminds you that this wasn’t just a history lesson, but it was about real people with real families and true perils. 
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction, and especially those who love to learn more about royalty in England. 



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