Life and Death

My mom passed away last night. I feel like there is something to be said about a parent passing. I wasn’t particularly close to either of my parents, but we still loved each other in our own ways and I was closer to my mother than my father, and I think in some ways most of us are closer to our mothers. 

She was the one who took care of us by cooking, washing the clothes, and making sure we got to school on time. She was a bit on the autism spectrum and it made it difficult for her to keep a job or stay in touch when my sister and brothers and I started moving out of the house, but we all knew she loved us anyway and we made sure we stayed in touch with her because she just didn’t think about that kind of thing. 

As it was sad, strange, and empty when my dad passed in 2010 at 62, it’s no different feeling those things even knowing she was wasting away over a short period of time. She was only 59 and she will be missed. Unlike my dad and grandfather’s passing, I’m glad I got to visit her one last time before she died.


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