Blessedly Bound

Wow, finally back to a normal weekend. No eight-hour drives. So, I finally got around to reading Blessedly Bound while I was on my car ride!

I have to say I actually like the sequels in this series better than this first book in the Elemental Witch Trials, but I did enjoy this one too. I accidentally started with the third book first oops!
This book in the series starts out a little slow paced, but that is partly because you are discovering this witchy world along with Gwen. The second half really picks up and thrusts you into the book. 
Besides the world building and the loveable characters I really liked the mystery surrounding Gwen’s family. I loved how Gwen wasn’t going to just give up the search for the real killer in the book until she was sure who it was and it was a very interesting storyline. 
I also can’t wait to see more of how Gwen and Sabastion’s relationship goes from this book and also the relationship between Gwen and Lewis (although I know a little from the third book lol). 
I really enjoy and appreciate the world the author has created and I’m grateful for the other stories in the series because it is just too interesting not to learn more. 

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