I’ve wanted a copy of this book for a long time now and for Christmas, my husband finally found a leather-bound copy for me! It’s originally written in French and my husband said it was pretty hard finding a copy, so that makes my copy even better!

This book is about a female vampire Carmilla and it predates Dracula by 25 years. I loved Dracula, but I have to say that this book is even better than Dracula. It is short sweet and to the point, it doesn’t drag out or go off on tangents about non-plot issues like other Victorian stories of its time.

Carmilla happens upon a father and daughter through a stagecoach accident who are lonely living in an old castle in the countryside in… I wasn’t quite sure I think Germany or somewhere close to that. Laura’s father is an old English retired military man and her mother died in childbirth.

Carmilla fits right in although she is strange but brings some much needed life into the home (how ironic right?) Laura finally has a companion to confide in. Carmilla at times embraces Laura, tells her she loves her and she will be hers, and kisses her. Laura on the other hand doesn’t know what to think of the affections, but also doesn’t stop them from happening.

People around their village are starting to die mysterious deaths and no one really knows why. An old General friend of Laura’s father who was originally going to visit with his niece decides to stop by on his way to an old and ruined village near their castle. They find out that his niece died from a female vampire who stayed at their home and they did not suspect until his niece died. She started having symptoms that Laura is now experiencing. Ok, enough background I’ll let you read it for yourself, it’s great and keeps that creepy gothic feel throughout.

This is now one of my top favorite vampire novels. I think a lot of books pull from this one even more than Dracula because of the way Carmilla is so unsuspecting as a vampire to those around her, begging the question is she really evil, or just trying to survive and falling in love with her victims?

This is a classic you should not miss out on!



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