Phoenyx In Flames

Sometimes I really love reading self-published books because I find some real gems that I would have never come across in a brick and mortar store. Phoenyx in the Flames is in that category. 

Phoenyx is a badass b****, who gets her job done, which happens to be hunting down and killing vampires. Fate is coming for her though, and people she once trusted have been shown to be keeping important and revealing secrets from her. Secrets about her past and origins.

This book was fast paced and never really slowed down for a minute with a great and witty dialog. All the characters were unique and interesting. It kept me wondering what was in store for the spitfire heroine. I was still left on the edge of my seat wondering what is in store next for Phoenyx at the end of this book and I can’t wait for the next to come out so I can find out.

Last time I did the creatures of the night book tag I was unable to name a book with a demon in it I liked now I have one! Phoenyx sidekick happens to be a loveable Sand Demon. 



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