Life II

This book was great. Not the best book I ever read, but it definitely kept me entertained. One of my favorite shows growing up (and still is) is the Twilight Zone. To me, this is like an episode of the Twilight Zone was made into a movie, not any specific episode because I think the story is very original. 

This book is about a man named Max who is bored of his life and accidentally picks up a book that has a hidden message in it that he cracks and sends him on a journey halfway around the world. This is only a small journey compared to the time travel he is duped into. The rest of the book makes you wonder if Max will really able to change his future with the knowledge he is traveling with, or will time try to bend its way back to its original timeline?

I was really rooting for all of the characters and completely drawn into what would happen next for poor Max. 

The only criticism I have (and it is purely opinion) is I wish it had ended a little differently. The ending was okay, but I was hoping for the “It’s a Wonderful Life” ending, but it ended differently. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves sci-fi, or time travel. I think it answers nicely, “what would you do differently if you could live life all over again?” 



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