Creatures of the Night Tag

Creatures of the night tag from Book Duchess


My favorite vampire of all time is Louis from Interview with the Vampire.

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When thinking of werewolves the first thing that comes to mind is Teen Wolf How I love that tv show! (I stole this answer from the Book Duchess because I agree!!)


This makes me think of the Walking Dead, although, I have never read the comic books only watched the show. The first three seasons are great, but kind of loose steam from there. This season I’ve decided to sit out on.



I feel like I went from books to TV really fast with this tag… Now I’ll jump to movies. I need to read more books lol. I’m going to go with The Others, I still watch it even though I clearly know the big reveal.

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I just recently found a new series about a witch, Blessedly Bound. I just really like it. ❤ She is a good witch 😊



I have yet to read a book that I like about halfgods. I tried American Gods, didn’t like it, I tried Percy Jackson and couldn’t get past the first three chapters…I guess I’m still looking for a good one.


This is kind of in the realm of the halfgods. I haven’t ever read a book that I really liked with fae in it. Still looking.


I don’t think I’ve read any books with demons. Not that I won’t I just haven’t.


This tag is just telling me I really need to read more!! I’ve only ever read one book with an angel in it. It was ok.




Ender’s Game hands down!



Human with superpowers

Well, I don’t know… I’ll go with the Picullairs 




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