The City of Ember

Did I say I loved dystopian? In case you missed it before it is my favorite genre closely followed by paranormal. 

Anyhow, I had to do all this middle grade and elementary reads when I was in college so we would have a large range of books when we finally graduated and went off to become teachers. This was suggested to me by a classmate because I told her my favorite book was The Giver. I’m glad she suggested it! (Although, its been some years since I’ve been out of college, but I won’t say how many).

The city of Ember is about Lina her friend Doon and her sister Poppy plays a large part also. They live in an underground city that the ‘builders’ made for them because of a nuclear fallout. 

The city of Ember is falling apart and lights are starting to go out and food is becoming scarce because as Lina finds out Ember was only a temporary situation and by no means meant to be permanent. She finds this out with the help and destruction of her sister Poppy.  As Poppy is only about two she is still in that chewing stage and as she discovered important papers just lying around Lina’s house, she also conveniently chews them so they aren’t completely clear. 

Lina and Doon are trying to find out the mystery of Ember before society completely collapses. Of course, they are only teens so no one believes a word they say. This is a great story and I loved the characters.



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