Feedback Please!!!

Ok guys I really need your help with some feedback. I have decided to have someone make a video teaser for my book, but I want some feedback before I give it the ok and finalize it. 

I need you to let me know what you think of the video. If it could use more information that was excluded. If the music is weird or just right…anything else you would like to put your two cents into. I’m planning on eventually putting it on youtube as an ad so I want it to be perfect!

7 Replies to “Feedback Please!!!”

  1. I think a simple zoom would fix your clothing problem. I also think the word Victorian seemed a bit out of place alongside the music, which I thought sounded quite Indian/Eastern. Maybe this isn’t an issue, but the associated makes me think of London. Cutting the word to keep the music would be my move, as it really creates the intrigue you’re after.

    Also thought the word dangerous before stranger worked as a bit of a double-negative. I’m guessing you don’t want to simply out Stranger on a train, but most adjectives are tricky next to word that already implies something unsettling. Maybe something more ambiguous like unnerving or out of place could work?

    Lastly, I thought a few of the shots could’ve been subtly tinted in red to impose the danger of the novel and hint towards the title.

    Overall I was impressed though. The font looks great, the mood is mysterious and visceral and your cover is beautiful .

    I edit videos for my own stuff btw. If you’d like to return the favour I have an ad on my Facebook page for a short story podcast you could check out. If you like it, perhaps we could collaborate in the future?

    Thanks for sharing and let me know if you need reviews any time soon.


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  2. Very cool! The dress didn’t bother me. It may have had rhinestones on it, but I thought it was flowy and dreamlike. The only thing I may change (and I don’t know your story so I can’t say for sure) is where you have the question “Will she see her husband and daughter again?” I may change that to, “or has she seen her husband and daughter for the last time?” I think looks great.

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