Alas, Babylon

Alas, Babylon is a post-apocalyptic novel written in 1959 by Pat Frank. 

What if the cold war turned nuclear? That is what happens in Alas, Babylon. The survivors in a small town of Florida must pick up the pieces and find a way to survive. All major cities in the USA no longer exist. Communications are down, and supply trucks have stopped. Power is out and it’s back to the basics. 

I think the author Frank does a good job at using his imagination about what would happen in this instance, but it is a bit dated. I thought it was very comical that one part in the book the main character Randy is talking to his girlfriend and is appalled that mothers with babies will now be forced into breastfeeding their children because the supplies for the formula might now be hard to come by. LMAO!!! I didn’t realize bottle feeding was such a big thing in the 50s/60s.

Anyhow, some of the happenings in the novel seem a bit far-fetched, but it was still a great read. There are now bandits going around looting and some stupid characters who stole gold items from blasted houses that were becoming sick from radioactive poisoning. 

Randy and the few people left in his town must get back to basics and use their hunting/fishing/mental skills to survive with what they have left. 

If you like post-apocalyptic novels and don’t mind something a little dated I recommend this book.

gold star


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