Murder on the Orient Express

I finally read and finished my first Agatha Christie book! I liked the book much better than the movie as in most cases. I just think it doesn’t transcend to the big screen well. 

This was a fun who done it tale and you don’t find out who the murder was until the very end. 

With that said, there were some sluggish parts throughout the book. I’m going to try to do this without spoilers…so there is a portion of the book where our detective Poirot interviews each suspect individually. Then he thinks about each person’s statements and talks about any inaccuracies, which feels very much like the plot is going in circles and you hear the same information again, and if you didn’t get it the second time around Poirot has written notes for you to keep track. 

So on top of the book being a bit redundant, Poirot seems to be an all-knowing being. This was true in the movie too and bothered me. He jumps to conclusions which he admits at one point were guesses, which happen to be correct. It was really annoying to me for some reason. I think because it was a pretty well thought out plot, but Christie kind of fell short on the jumping to conclusions part. 

Now if this book was set in modern times and Poirot had a cell phone with full bars he could have done some fact checking and made all his hunches foolproof. I think that’s what really bothered me, no fact checking. Now some of his observations were cleaver and well thought out, but for a big book like this, it just didn’t go that extra mile. 

All that being said, I did like this book and enjoyed reading it. I was fun, and I plan on checking out more Christie books in the future. 

gold star


5 Replies to “Murder on the Orient Express”

  1. I’ve been skeptical to read this one after mixed reviews. I’ll probably give it a try in the future.

    *also I’m on the wordpress app and the yellow font is a little to bright to read unless I go directly to your site just to let you know. 😊

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