Take Scene 100

I’m not a perfectionist, I’m really not, well at least I don’t think I am…

But with my debut novel being self-published, I can’t just let be, I have to make it better. I kind of wish I was one of those people who were done and that’s it and moved on to a new project and forget about my first, but I just can’t. (Although, I am in the middle of my next project too.)

I didn’t get the benefits of being published (well to be honest with this novel I didn’t try because one thing I do know good and well about this novel is that it’s better self-published). I didn’t get the benefit of people in the industry to comment on my book who know what people like and don’t. I had to go through betas, who were helpful, but at the same time just wanted the book to read how they would have written the book instead of how the book should have felt to a normal reader. So I got some bad advice along the way with the good.

Now that I feel like I finally have enough review for my book I’m getting a lot of feedback that had been on my mind since I first started writing the book (and some insight I didn’t think of before) and feel that even though Vermilion Tears has only been out for 5 months I’m already ready to do a re-write.

Part of me is glad that my book is self-published because I can re-write to my heart’s content because Amazon lets you do that. I just feel a little bad for all those readers who didn’t get to read the newest version. I feel like they will be missing out, but I’m ever so glad and grateful they did read it and leave meaningful reviews behind.


P.S. The newer version won’t be out for another three weeks 😉

This has certainly been a learning experience. With my next book I hope to go through the traditional root so hopefully, it goes better….we will see…

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