The Picture of Dorian Grey

I was a bit disappointed in this book, I kept waiting for the gothic dark scenes to happen, which didn’t really start until page 110. The beginning wasn’t too bad introducing the three main characters, but Lord Henry, with all of his long-winded dialogue and bad influence, was beginning to drive me mad. 

The only character I liked was Bazil the painter of the portrait. It got interesting when the portrait began to change, but the problem I find with most of the classics they tend to meander from the plot and you have to wait through boring dialog and thoughts before you get back to the meat of the story. 

The last three chapters were probably the best and the gothic horror I was waiting for finally show up. I find it weird that all Dorian did to get his age and evil deeds to transcend to his painting was to wish it with all of his might for the price of his soul…to who? The devil I suppose, it’s left kind of vague, I suppose on purpose. Overall this was just ok. I liked Frankenstine and Dracula better.



3 Replies to “The Picture of Dorian Grey”

  1. I haven’t read this one. Enjoyed your review and sorry you didn’t love it. I have so many classics to catch up on!

    Do you have a really old copy of this one? I was just checking out your book pic. 😉💖

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    1. I got my copy at half priced books. It’s not the exact copy shown in this picture because I thought this cover captured the book better than the copy I have. I really want to love the classics, but so many of them are wasted on me lol. I’m worried I’m never going to finish Anna Karenina…


  2. Glad I’m not the only one who dislikes reading through mindless chatter in classics. It’s one of the main reasons I struggle reading them.

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