Top 5 Disapointing Books of 2017

I feel bad making this list, but feel like I should. These are books I just really didn’t like. I’m sure a lot of people won’t agree with these because most of them are well-liked books but just didn’t work for me…


Anna Karenina, because it is taking me sooo long to get through. The classics are really getting to me lately. I’m thinking I stick to only one a year. I think this book might actually be good, but it’s hard to sludge through all the side conversations and ramblings. I might actually cheat and just find the movie to finish this story. Maybe if it wasn’t about 900 pages it would be an easier read. 




Ember in the Ashes, because I wanted to like this book soo much and I almost did. 😦




American Gods. I liked this book until I didn’t. I got so frustrated in the loss of plot I quit reading it. It also had just enough of too weird I wasn’t sad to DNF. 

american gods



The Circle. I love this kind of dystopian feel and the writing was pretty good, but it just wasn’t executed well and I didn’t really care for Mae. Also, the love scenes were kind of awkward. I finished this book, but it had a very unsatisfying ending. I feel like maybe the author went for a 1984 type ending, but it didn’t hit an emotional punch like 1984 did. Maybe that was what was really missing in this book besides a soggy MC was lack of emotions. 



Sharp Objects. I already did a blog over this one recently so I won’t say much about this book except the only reason I feel like people like it is because it’s at least something different. Very overhyped.




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