Mrs. Peregrein’s Home for Peculair Children

First, I want to say that I really loved this book. I think this is a book series I will read over and over again. This does have some wordy language (cussing), so if you’re giving this book to a preteen just some warning in advance.

The first few chapters I was expecting to start with a bang. Something nutty or crazy cool. While there were some odd happenings going on, it was not quite what I expected. Peculiar Children starts off a bit slow. You know what though? I didn’t really care. 

Even though the main character Jacob is a wimp in every way, I was still interested in where the book would go. Afterall, my own book has a slow start and doesn’t really get going with “the good stuff” until chapter 6. So I was feeling Riggs. He wanted to get some character building in. He is a brilliant writer and it shows while reading these books. 

Hopefully no spoilers beyond this point, but readers beware….

When Jacob finally finds these peculiar children Rigss almost had me believing they didn’t exist! Some of the children had some weird abilities, that I didn’t see helping much in the future, but were charming nonetheless. 

I liked Jacob’s character arc and thought Riggs did a good job there. The story just gets better and better as it goes. 

Spoiler!!!! For sure a spoiler!

I thought the whole Jacob falling in love with his grandpa’s ex-girlfriend was weird and a little creepy. That’s just me though. His hormones, it states fogs his perspective of this. It seemed like had Emma lived a normal life Jacob would have been her grandson, not her boyfriend, although this problem is wrapped up with a tidy bow at the end of the series. 

The only other thing (and this is book hopping because this doesn’t happen in this book) is that they leave behind a character, whom I like to believe is still alive, who has one of the most valuable talents! I can only assume she is left behind because she would have made it too easy to defeat their enemies. 

Anyhow, this was a fun book that took me on a great adventure and I couldn’t stop reading until the last book in the series. I need to seek out more books by Riggs!



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