My Top 5 books of 2017

I’m sure this top 5  is going around.

If not I’m:

giphy-downsized (6)

Anyhow, let’s get this show on the road!


Forever Marked

I already did a post on this book, but a small blurb: This is a suspense book of a girl on the run from people who want to hurt her as she finds love and friends along the way.




Blessedly Bound

I’m going to write a post about this book soon so I’m not going to say too much. This book is a highly paranormal book and I really like the MC.



The Dark Truth

This is a horror novella in an anthology. It is very creepy and dark and I really like how it played out. I’m going to buy the hard copy when it’s separated from the anthology. 



Old Bones

I already blogged about this book too. It’s a book with some mystery and infidelity goings on. Very well written.

old bone



Mrs. Peregrin’s Home for Particular Children

This is a well-known book so I’m not going to put much of a description. I will be putting a post of this book up soon. This was a great book, and while I know not everyone loved it I did!


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