Random Ramblings- Writing

I am currently taking a small break from reading and finishing writing my current story. I was kind of dragging along at first because the part I’m currently at takes some research. Research can be so tedious and at times boring, but necessary. 


I feel like the worst compliment I can get on a book is, “This wasn’t well researched.” Because unless you have written a full-length novel and have done your research, it is the most irksome thing I can think of. Sometimes people ding me on something I did a ton of research on and they clearly don’t know what they are talking about, although they speak as if they do. Other times it was the one thing I didn’t bother to look up as opposed to the 100 other things I did look up. 

I guess that’s what I get for writing historical fiction, but I also think it’s weird that some people go into reading hisfic looking for inconsistencies. I mean I get glaring mistakes, but do they even enjoy reading? Sometimes I really wonder.

Anyhow, I’m researching now, and you know what, it’s really interesting! I’m glad I quit putting it off. I was about to ask a FB group and be lazy about it, but I always hate when people don’t do their own research and now I remember why. 

In case your interested in what I’m researching it is weapons, the big kind. 😉 

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3 Replies to “Random Ramblings- Writing”

  1. I have a trilogy I started working on this year, and all three stories require at least some research, which I’ve also mostly been putting off. I’ve already learned a lot, but because of the POV, a big part of the research for the first story would require me to hear stories from those who have experienced the particular hardship — and I’m unsure how to approach asking for that. 😬

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