Game of Thrones

I probably read Game of Thrones about four or five years ago, but I’ve been thinking about it lately waiting sadly for the next book that will more than likely never come out. 

Anyhow, this was the first high fantasy book I had ever read at the time. It kind of blew me away. The writing is perfect and so easy to read. Martin really takes you into the location and the descriptions bring you into the scene. There was one part at the beginning of the book where Ned is in this hot tub style natural springs with his wife and I could picture it in my head and it made sense, there was no need for running water, he was very clever in his writing. 

I’m sure most people have heard that he has no problem killing off the main characters in his books and while (just in case you haven’t read them) I won’t list them or talk about the deaths in detail I want to say that I’ve still never read a book where the actual main character in a story dies. It shocked and jolted me with the first death, but it also didn’t keep me from reading on to see what was next. 


One reason I think the deaths are so jolting in A Game of Thrones is that Martin makes you fully invested in all the characters as if all of them are your friends you will know for a long time and then nope they die, after investing emotions and time into these characters. 

Game of Thrones was so wonderfully crafted and the story is so well woven with secrets and lies it draws you in and never lets you go. Of course, after I read a Game of Thrones I devoured A Clash of Kings like no one’s business, but that is for another day. 😉 



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