Ten Books I want my kids to read…

But since I already have two kids nine and six, girl and boy, I’m changing things up a bit and this is what I wished my kid would love v what they actually love. This is more geared towards my daughter since she is nine. There is still hope for my son in the future 😉 I got this fun idea from MommyMonster90

Let’s get the show on the road!

First off of course….

harry potter

I feel like my daughter stabbed me in the heart because at first she said she loved it when I finished reading it to her in kindergarten, but the next year in first grade she said she didn’t like it anymore and didn’t want to read them at all with me or on her own 😦 My son seemed indifferent when I tried reading it to him this summer. He did request me to read it one night, but we haven’t made it very far. I’ll try with him again later.

What she liked instead, which is actually a win win!!!


My husband bought this for my daughter and to my surprise she loved it and all of Ronald Dahl books! It was never on my radar because I just never read it (gasp I know!)



This is basically the series that got me into reading because all my other friends were reading it too and it was the cool thing to do, but I did really love the series and even bought those “really big” vacation ones and loved those too!

What my daughter loves instead…


I’m just glad she loves to read, but part of me cringes that it’s a graphic novel, but I would never, ever tell her that. 



I haven’t actually pushed this one on her yet. I think she might need another year before she is ready for this one… so fingers crossed!!!! 😀




This is actually a mom win because both my kids love all things Dr. Seuss!! 




This is actually a funny story my daughter complained the whole way through his book, the whole wayyyy!!!! Then she brought home this book that was wayyy better and I should read instead


I was like are you serious?! Then I proceeded to pull our box collection off the shelf and she was flabbergasted. Like did she not notice there was a lion in both books named Aslan?



This is the next book I’m buying for my daughter. All I can say is I hope she loves it as much as I did!



I think I’ll buy this one along with the Winkle in Time series. This is one, not only do I want her to love, I actually think she will love. ❤



This one is a little more for my son than my daughter since she loves really girly things and I don’t think she would be much interested in a militaristic sci-fi, but I’ll probably still suggest it to her anyway 😉 



When they are in high school of course or college.



This one is actually a reversal because my daughter is reading this and almost finished in her classroom (her teacher is reading it in whole group) and she keeps talking about it. I’m excited to read it!!!

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