An Excerpt from a work in progress…

Ok, guys, I’m currently writing a new book and I’m in love with it so far! So I wanted to share the first page. Enjoy!

Lorraine frantically looked through Frank’s toiletry bag, but try as she might she couldn’t find what she was looking for. She could, unfortunately, hear him behind her in the large oversized shower singing away. He sang terribly and off-key, only adding to the list of reasons why Lorraine loathed her husband so much.

            She looked over her shoulder momentarily to see Frank’s lathered hair as he went to town scrubbing what little hair he had left. His round three hundred and fifty-pound naked body made Lorraine shutter.

            She moved to the medicine cabinet to look what she was searching for. She finally found it. She grabbed the sharp blade replacement for Frank’s expensive razor. She would kill her husband. She could stand him no more, two years was more than she could bear. No other woman would have stayed with him so long. At least that’s what Lorraine told herself.

            The kill should be easy, fast and to the artery in the neck. That was if his fat neck would allow her to find his artery. Lorraine began to stride toward her husband, but mid-step the phone rang.

            Shit, who could that be? She wondered.

            She stood contemplating if she should get the phone or just get on with her plan. This was no ordinary household. In an ordinary household in 1986 if husband and wife were occupied the phone would just go to the answering machine and they would retrieve the message at a more convenient time. Not in the Nikolayev family.

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