Forever Marked

Forever Marked is a suspenseful romance by Jesse Lorenzo. 

The prologue drew me in right away! The thing that confused me is the author’s descriptions of the man hunting her down in the prologue seemed to be supernatural, but he is not supernatural. The descriptions she used made me think this man was, but I think she was going more for a description that this man was beyond his human instincts and had only animal qualities, which totally worked for the story, but was a little confusing. 

The plot was great. There were some cliches throughout the plot, but the author made them work in my opinion. Like the antagonist, being hell-bent on finding her just because she said no to him, I still enjoyed the story even though this seemed weak, but I still liked the story. Also, everyone in the town of Skye seemed overly open about everything and expected her to open up a bit fast to me. I would have been second guessing her motives if my high school bestie never told me about their daughter came to town and said, “hey such and such are my parents!” but again, even though this was a weak point, I still really liked this story. As this is a self-published book it reminds me how much better it would have been if she was able to get a publisher (because as much a people hate to admit it the editors make a huge difference in a story, not just the grammar, the actual story) 

The characters were my favorite part. I loved the romance between Ellora and Behr it was very sweet. I also liked all the other characters in the book no matter how nieve they seemed to be. It was set in Scottland and it made the book all the more exciting.

The suspense kept me glued to this book the whole way through. I was a little confused because there was some head hopping going on, so some of the time I was confused who was thinking what. My favorite part of the book is that there is the story seen through Ellora’s eyes and then the story unfolding through a detective’s eyes, which was cleverly crafted when the two stories converge. Can’t wait to read the next one!

forevergold star

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