I Kind of See Dead People: A Speritual Memoir

I Kind of See Dead People: A Spiritual Memoir is by self-published author Skyler Hoffman. This is one of few memoirs I have read, I usually stick with fiction, but the author contacted me with an ARC to review so I thought why not? With the name and the cover and the humorous way he writes sometimes this memoir comes off as a bit satirical, but once I got halfway into it I decided it was not. 

I Kind of See Dead People is about Skyler’s reflections about his spiritual journey and where it has taken him so far. His journey has led him to believe that he has psychic abilities and what abilities he posses. He can sometimes predict the future and is currently working on seeing auras and talking to dead people. 

Skyler has an easy writing style so it is an easy and fast read. My favorite part of the book is the easy writing style and the cross-referencing of other books on the subject matter, although this book mainly revolves around his own experiences which is what one would expect from a memoir. 

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