Custome Fit

Custome fit is by author Lexi Miles. Sunni is a personal dresser for the famous and elite. Which was interesting to me right away as I always assumed the celebrities had someone personally give them fashion advice, but didn’t realize it was a real thing. 

I really liked the MC in this story. Sunni is a spunky woman and unlike a lot of characters that can’t make up their minds or are afraid to tell their true feelings Sunni is not. I found that very refreshing about her. I’m always slowly dying inside when the characters obviously have feelings for each other but wait until the last page to finally confess those feelings.

There are some ups and downs in the story (like don’t fall in love with your client, which she has a hard time following) but in the end, it’s a happy ending. 

This has very explicit sex scenes XXX. I recommend this for those who like a quick fun read, with strong lead females and erotic sex scenes. 

P.S. This book in the Holiday series takes place during Thanksgiving. 


costome fit

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