Interview With the Vampire

Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice is hands down my favorite vampire novel. It was part of my inspiration for Vermilion tears. 

The first time I stumbled upon Interview was during college. I was the poor kid without a TV in her room so I would find myself in the dorm lounge watching various shows and movies. As I was clicking through the channels I stopped on the movie Interview with the Vampire, only I didn’t know it at the time. I think it was the part where they had just turned Claudia and I was mesmerized. 

I was so embarrassed someone would walk into the lounge and make fun of me for watching some sleazy vampire movie. And then someone did walk in and I thought: screw it! I love this and I’m not changing the channel. 

To my luck it was a girl I got along with and she sat down to watch it with me, after a while she says, “Wait a minute, I think this is Interview with the Vampire!”

I was so happy because I think it was on Showtime or HBO because there were no commercials or any indicator what I was watching. I was relieved because I remember a few years before when this movie was being marked in the theater, so I didn’t seem so lame after all. Although it’s hard for any movie to be lame when you have Brad Pitt, Tom Crews, and Antonio Banderas all in one movie 😉 

A few years later I watched the whole movie with my husband and he loved it too, so much he bought the book and we both read it. And then we ran out and bought The Vampire Lestat, and then Queen of the Damned. 

I’m always shocked when people say they don’t like this book. On goodreads it only has a 3.9 rating! 3.9! How is that even possible??? I’ll tell you how: some people hate Luis for the same reason I love him, that’s why. 

I love Luis because he was a completely new and different vampire than the one I grew up with. I had only been exposed to Vlad the Impaler, and images of a Halloween Dracula. The folklore of Vampires that were kissed by the devil and damned to wander the earth looking for victims to suck the life dry from humans. You know evil bad guys.

But Luis story was so different. It was a vampire that felt, thought about his actions deeply, and worried about his own damnation and the choice he made. It was a story about a broken person looking for his place in life. Was it among the living or the dead, where did he belong? 

This book is and will always be one of my all-time favorites. For anyone who doesn’t like it, I’m sorry you missed out, but you did. I recommend this book to those who like vampires, but not Twilight vampires. Writing this post seriously makes me want to read it again and I think I will….



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