Hearten Christmas

Hearten Christmas is by my good friend Sarah Stein she is published by Siren Publishing. Her books are the first erotica I had ever read. Although, I’m still getting used to reading erotica I really enjoyed her story. 

Hearten Christmas is an F/F/M erotica novel (how about that for my first go at erotica!). Stacey lost her parents a few years back during the holidays and is trying to figure out her life while managing the emotions she keeps bottled up. When she meets her college roommate, Colene, and her good friend Dorian, Stacey’s life takes a change for the best. They help her reconnect with her feeling and help her explore her sexual side (something she also seemed to keep bottled up.)

There are many steamy and explicit scenes.

My favorite part of this book is the relationship between Stacy and Colene. I feel that their relationship is deep and well developed. It was definitely a fun fast read. Recommended for those who like erotica and polyamorous relationships. 


HEarthen Christmas

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