Self-Published Review- Smoke and Mirrors by Jessie Franklin

I want to mix up my reviews between popular books, self-published books, and lesser known authors. This week I’ve decided on my author friend, who is self-published, Jessie Franklin’s Smoke and Mirrors.

Smoke and Mirrors is a cozy mystery set in small town Oklahoma. Lynnie is a character who moves away from her small town only to return in order to help her grandfather.

When Lynnie gets back to town she finds things have changed and her small town seems almost foreign to her. People from high school have changed, and it takes her some time to get used to the changes. While she is trying to solve a mystery from her past she is sidetracked by a love interest and a romance she wasn’t expecting buds.

I recommend this book for people who like cozy mysteries, mixed with romance, and small town situations.

FIVE-STARSsmoke and mirrors

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