Hurrican Harvey- Recovery

So I was planning on writing something else today… okay two days ago, but I’ve been so busy helping my in-laws I thought I’d write about that instead.

So if you haven’t heard about Hurrican Harvey causing a wreck for southeast Texas and Lousiana then you must have been under a rock or just avoid the news like a plague.

I was just unlucky enough to live in a part of Houston who took the brunt end of the storm, but there is a silver lining.

Silver lining was, we stayed safe and dry in my home purchased only last year, making that buy feel even better, now that we know in extreme flooding it won’t get flooded out.

Did you know that in my area the Humble/Kingwood area took on more water than ever recorded before? It was pretty crazy! The previous record from the San Jacinto river was 67ft, but we broke it by going all the way to 70ft, which made a load of difference.

My in laws live on one side of the bridge going over the San Jacinto and I live about 7 minutes away on the other side. My husband had helped them bring a bunch of stuff to their second floor, “just in case”.

Once the flood waters got a little higher my in laws decided it was time to leave….


But the further down the road the deeper the rain so… they had to take a boat.


And from there they had to take a humvee


My husband couldn’t take that little bridge 7 minutes away to get them it was what was causing the flooding so instead, he had to take the highway which took 25 minutes. By the time he got his parents safe and sound to our house the place the humvee dropped them off was four feet under water.

And by the next day the highway my husband took to get his parents was also flooded.


And the high school my husband works at also flooded.


A few days later, once the waters finally receded, we had to take a ridiculous way to get to their house to assess the damage. The bridge was still closed as well as most of the highway. So our trip took an entire hour to get there, but we got there.21231018_10209678334815841_8210745534698902053_n21230800_10209678335375855_5298027592515907998_n21199488_10209678335415856_3311915063582868498_o21273160_10209678336175875_3115254133718123571_o

We found out they had taken on 5 feet of water. We took as many pictures and videos as we could for insurance, and luckily they did have flood insurance!! Once that was done we tossed out the furniture and other items lost in the flood and then salvaged some items that were made of glass (like the plates, or knick nacks, it’s the small things that hold a lot of value). The smell of the place was horrendous. A silver lining was that they opened the bridge between our houses when we left so it only took 7 minutes to get back home.  But the highway was still closed.


The next day I stayed behind while my father in law, husband, and brother in law started ripping apart the home before mold could settle in.

And then volunteers from several different churches started showing up and helped greatly! We did have to seek them out, but once asked they came. And more demo was done.

And that’s about where we are at now. We aren’t exactly sure how to get all the silt/plaster off the ground, but I’m sure we will find a way.

My husband’s school decided it will take an entire year to rebuild and they will have to share with another high school in our district. It’s going to be a long year!

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