So, I currently have all these works in progress. There must be at least five with two very close to being finished. It’s really hard for me to decide which stories to give the time to finish. One great thing is only one has a timeline that needs to be finished so I’m currently working on that. But the others…I don’t know where to start and I happen to have another idea I want to get on paper…out with one in with another. It can be a bit overwhelming, but unlike a normal 9 to 5 it doesn’t matter if they never come together or I can work as much or little as I want. 

I’m getting excited about the current WIP I’m working on. I just made the cover and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll just have to see how this one goes, but I’m excited because I feel like this is the best story I have written so far, so I’m giving it all my time and efforts. Hopefully, something good will come of it. It’s a suspenseful romance.

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Life and Death

My mom passed away last night. I feel like there is something to be said about a parent passing. I wasn’t particularly close to either of my parents, but we still loved each other in our own ways and I was closer to my mother than my father, and I think in some ways most of us are closer to our mothers. 

She was the one who took care of us by cooking, washing the clothes, and making sure we got to school on time. She was a bit on the autism spectrum and it made it difficult for her to keep a job or stay in touch when my sister and brothers and I started moving out of the house, but we all knew she loved us anyway and we made sure we stayed in touch with her because she just didn’t think about that kind of thing. 

As it was sad, strange, and empty when my dad passed in 2010 at 62, it’s no different feeling those things even knowing she was wasting away over a short period of time. She was only 59 and she will be missed. Unlike my dad and grandfather’s passing, I’m glad I got to visit her one last time before she died.


Blessedly Bound

Wow, finally back to a normal weekend. No eight-hour drives. So, I finally got around to reading Blessedly Bound while I was on my car ride!

I have to say I actually like the sequels in this series better than this first book in the Elemental Witch Trials, but I did enjoy this one too. I accidentally started with the third book first oops!
This book in the series starts out a little slow paced, but that is partly because you are discovering this witchy world along with Gwen. The second half really picks up and thrusts you into the book. 
Besides the world building and the loveable characters I really liked the mystery surrounding Gwen’s family. I loved how Gwen wasn’t going to just give up the search for the real killer in the book until she was sure who it was and it was a very interesting storyline. 
I also can’t wait to see more of how Gwen and Sabastion’s relationship goes from this book and also the relationship between Gwen and Lewis (although I know a little from the third book lol). 
I really enjoy and appreciate the world the author has created and I’m grateful for the other stories in the series because it is just too interesting not to learn more. 

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33539860-blessedly-bound

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Just popping in

Wow, this week and last week have been busy and overwhelming I’m exhausted. Last week I traveled from TX to OK to see my mom. We dropped a few books off with her and she was too weak to get up or anything so we just stayed in her room to talk with her. It was nice to see her, I hope we get to see her this summer too before she passes, she is only 59 it seems weird to think she is dying. My dad died at 62 and I always thought she would live more years than he did.

Anyhow, this week we are making a trip again, but this time it is for a wedding. I love weddings! It should be fun, but the 8-hour trip gets me every time. I was able to do some reading on the trip last week and hopefully, I’ll get to do more this time around. Then I’ll finally have some reviews up my sleeve to write about.

Hope everyone else is doing fabulous and has a great weekend.

You Always Have Me

You Always Have Me is a book that has been out for a little less than a month. It is very beautifully written and took me in right away. It starts off with a 17-year-old Kale right before the summer between her Jr and Sr year of high school. 

Kale has led a tough life which is depicted in detail in the story so fair warning there is some beating triggers in the book. Even with her gruesome life I feel like this added well to the story and really brought in some raw emotions. About mid-way through there is also a flash-back rape scene so trigger there too. 

With the beginning of the story being pretty heavy the second half of the book is more light-hearted and a love story between Kale and her childhood friend Wyatt. It’s a coming of age book for Kale who is stepping from a ruined childhood into a more carefree adulthood and trying everything out for the first time. 

There is a scare between Kale and Wyatt’s love story, but what is a romance without some drama?

I would read this book again because I really loved the characters and how they interacted with each other. I feel like I’ve been getting pretty lucky with the amount of books I’ve been enjoying lately!



Finished…I think ;)

Almost three months ago I started re-writing Vermilion Tears and I’m finally finished with the re-write! Wow! Who would have ever thought it would have taken so long? Well, not me anyway. I’m so excited it’s finished…again. I’m just as excited as the first time I thought I was finished, but this time I think it is truly done.

This is my first self-published book and it has been a huge learning curve. I think the hardest part as an indie author is finding a really good beta reader and reasonable editor and I finally feel like this time around I’ve done both. It takes a long time because you can’t know how good someone’s work is until you buy the services, so in a way, it’s like buying a book, you can’t truly know how good it is until you open it up and read it yourself. 

Anyhow, I’m even more in love with my bookbaby than ever before and I can’t wait to get some reviews from the newest version of Vermilion and I know you can’t please everyone, but if I can please most I think that’s what I really want, just to entertain and have people walk away happy. Vermilion was never written to change a life, I wrote it for people to take a little, sometimes scary, journey with Lydia.




A Wrinkle in Time

I thought this would be an appropriate review since the movie is coming out. It is the first sci-fi I ever read. I loved how L’Engle wrote I was drawn right in. I was in sixth grade many moons ago when I read this book for the first time and devoured it right up and the sequels as well.

Funny side story, I was watching a show on Nickelodeon where kids and parents compete together and one of the answers was A Wrinkle in Time and the red team got the answer right. The mother explained she had been currently reading the story to her two sons (one who was competing with her). I thought that sounds cool so I checked it out lol. I miss those good old 90’s Nick game shows. They were the best. Ledgens of the Hidden Temple was my favorite!

I think what I liked about it the most when I began reading the book was it started out with a mystery. Wher is Meg’s father? I kind of thought he was just dead at first or some deadbeat dad, but wow was I wrong. 

I have to admit, I was really confused when the sci-fi stuff started happening. It was really hard for me to imagine all the things happening and things Meg was seeing. Even as an adult I find some of it a little confusing, but that in no way takes away from the great storyline. 

The three witches were fun, and I loved the bonds Meg had with her brother and love interest Calvin. I think I just really connected with Meg so much you could put her through whatever and I would have loved the book no matter what. She is smart and witty and has to use those smarts to get to the next clue to find her father. 

The mystery, plus using their smarts was just a great combination to me.  Although, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve come across a lot of people reading it currently who just don’t like it. I’m not sure why? It might be because they don’t read sci-fi in the first place and can’t connect that way. Or the fact that it is confusing even reading it as an adult what is happening at times. It might be that kids connect with the story better than adults. Whatever the case I’m just glad they are giving a great book a chance, even if it’s just because the movie is coming out. 

Sadly, my fourth-grade daughter is one of those who does not like A Wrinkle in Time. 😦 I bought her the book and she told me she didn’t know what was going on and that made the story boring to her, she did not finish it. I found out it is now a graphic novel which she usually devours right up so I’m debating if I should just cave in and get the graphic novel for her, or just try to get her to read it again in middle school….choices, choices. 

Anyhow if you are thinking about reading the book and have not yet I highly recommend it. 



New Release

Sherell Cummings

Book title: You Always Have Me

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Date of Publication: March 8th 2018

Cover Artist: Boroughs Publishing Group

Book Description:  

High school junior Kale Montgomery is stuck with a father who hates her, a mother who left her, and a town that pities her. Getting out of this life seems impossible, and yet she knows staying is the fastest way to rot [or lose] her soul.

When Wyatt McCade, her childhood best friend who’s now grown into a chiseled and devastatingly handsome twenty-one-year-old, comes back into town, Kale dares to hope again. Hope for a future with love, happiness, and endless possibilities.

Embarking on a cross-country road trip, Kale and Wyatt discover life apart from each other was never much of a life at all. They’re ready for their happy ending. But, what’s love that isn’t tested? When a secret about Wyatt is revealed that could change their entire future, Kale’s forced to find out if hope is her savior, or if it’s actually the most dangerous thing.


About the Author:


Sherell Cummings is an IT Technician whose mind is consumed with what to write next. She and her fiancé, Jude and their two children live on the island of Trinidad and Tobago and when she’s not reading or trying to find time to write, she’s at work doing the regular nine to five.



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Best Selling Author?

So recently I’ve been seeing a whole lot of books by indie authors that say: By Best Selling Author on their books and it made me think. What exactly does that even mean? It made me wonder what list they were referring to and if it really meant anything at all or if it was just to lure readers to their books?

But then I found an article about just that with an author that was at the top of Amazon for her book just a little while and it made me change my mind about being too critical about the title. The article is by Kailin Gow and it can be found here. Interesting read and gave me many things to think about. Check it out it’s a good read.